Sara Lamharzi

Hair Wizard

I am a San Francisco transplant who loves creative, fun hair. I spent my childhood with my hippie mom traveling the mountains and byways of Idaho and Alaska living on goats milk and adventure. In my mid-20's I discovered hairstyling. It was an immediate love affair. Many years have gone by, but I still greatly enjoy hairs creative potential. When I'm not at the salon I play delta blues music, practice acroyoga, and ride my bike all over the place. For hairstyle training I have had the pleasure of studying with the best. I've gone to school at Bumble and Bumble in New York and Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco. I love the sculpture of curls, the clean perfection of a tight fade on a handsome man or a strong woman, the ambiguous funky cuts for cute queers, the way creative color can light up an otherwise classic cut, the slope of bangs that frame the face like a painting, blondes of all types. Oh and mullets. I love a well cut rock and roll mullet. (Don't judge.) So come bring me what ya got. Whether it's an overhaul from short to long, or just a trim. I look forward to meeting you! If you would like to look at my portfolio go to

Sara Lamharzi Prices
tint roots only
tint roots through ends
partial foil
partial foil with tint
full foil
full foil with tint
bleach and tone
bleach and tone retouch
creative color